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We believe entrepreneurs deserve to enjoy the fruits of their labor while resting assured that they are leaving their companies in good hands.


Since the founding of Shepherd Oak, the co-founders have been exclusively dedicated to identifying, acquiring, and managing SMEs in the Texas region. After acquisition, Shepherd Oak's co-founders will assume responsibility of the day-to-day management of the business as partners with current management, leveraging the knowledge and relationships of the enterprise. John and Bryant intend to fully utilize their regional relationships to find the perfect candidate.



Long-term holding companies are a natural progression of the search fund model. The search fund model has historically achieved strong returns for its investors, in addition to generating growth and value for all stakeholders of a small to medium-sized enterprise. The approach has been sparingly used in the Texas region, providing an opportunity for entrepreneurs and the co-founders to realize the significant benefits of this proven model.



John and Bryant both have deep professional and personal ties to the broader Texas community and related industries. The co-founders seek to utilize their extensive personal experience, as well as their strong investor group, to maintain and develop a successful business's current operations and reputation. Shepherd Oak understands that an ownership transition is a major life event and we intend to carry on the legacy of a single company's founders.

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