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Shepherd Oak seeks to identify, purchase, and manage successful, stable businesses that fit our investment criteria. The Founders have been successfully operating a business since the end of 2017 and are now looking for diversified opportunities in the region for a long-term holding company.


John Fitzpatrick and Bryant Patrick, the co-founders of Shepherd Oak Partners, formed Shepherd Oak in late 2015 to execute a full-time search for a modestly-sized business-to-business manufacturing firm or service provider in the Texas region. The team executed on this vision in late 2017 and is now looking for additional opportunities for a long-term holding company. Through their prior experiences, John and Bryant identified a need for capital for small business owners to transition ownership to the next generation of management. Given the desire of many established entrepreneurs in the area to become less involved in the daily operations of their companies, there are more business owners than ever that deserve the opportunity to reap what they have sown while resting assured that their legacies are in capable, trustworthy hands.


 If you are a business owner looking to sell your company, please contact us. 

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